Tallahassee Mall is undergoing big changes!

Tallahassee Mall has a long history that dates back to the early 70s. Then, in 1971, this shopping mall was opened and was very popular with customers. It had served not only as a shopping mall, but also as a meeting place for gathering people. Mainly locals have a liking for it, because it awakens in them a certain amount of nostalgia.

Tallahassee Mall under a new name - the Centre of Tallahassee

However, in the course of time, the glory of the shopping mall had deteriorated - the first starter for this decline was the opening of Governor's Square Mall in 1979. Tallahassee Mall had reached the worst results around 2000 and the subsequent economic crisis had deepened its problems even more. Consequently, there was empty than occupied retail space, which was also associated with the loss of visitors.

Tallahassee Mall has still kept alive, mainly due to the very successful AMC movie complex and a few loyal tenants. In any case, this situation isn´t sustainable in the long term and it was decided that it is necessary to rebuild it into a new shopping mall - The Centre of Tallahassee. Its developers announced that the new shopping mall will have a 6,500-seat amphitheater, the Brick Yard, roadhouse entertainment area for drinks, food and live music, a revamped AMC movie complex, along with other retailers. Everything should be done before Christmas - a period of the year in which people spend the most amount of money in shopping malls.

Currently you can find a few interesting stores in this shopping mall, like Victoria's Secret, Burlington Coat Factory or Belk. The Centre of Tallahassee can be described as the mix of retail, entertainment and other attractions, and it should breathe in a new fresh life to this old place.

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