The Loop-Hudson Valley - a new shopping mall will be open in 2016

When we say this is a really, really big shopping mall, so we certainly don´t exaggerate. This planned shopping mall in Newburgh will in fact take up an area about the size of 650,000 square feet. That's already a big shopping mall, what do you think? And what all will be found inside?

Dozens of shops and lots of fun, of course

And not only that! But we should take it stage-by-stage... According to initial reports, The Loop-Hudson Valley shopping mall should include a wide range of retails, but besides them even modern cinema. The new shopping mall will have plenty of areas for families to relax and kids to play around in. The overall project of the construction of this shopping mall will cost around $ 100 million.

The location of the new shopping mall is more than strategic - in fact, it will be located between the New York state Thruway and I-84 - and more than 100,000 cars drive through these roads every day. Sure, a part of passengers driving around will definitely want to stop in The Loop-Hudson Valley for great shopping. Furthermore, this shopping mall will be built on a place on which was once planned development of Marketplace, which has never been implemented.

The aim of the draftsmen and implementers of the building is to get into this shopping mall enough open space, greenery and outdoor cafes. The concept of this shopping mall should mix national retailers with regional and local ones, with opportunities for casual dining and entertainment.

Two similar "The Loop" shopping malls are situated in Florida and one in Massachusetts. At present, the opening of the shopping mall The Loop-Hudson Valley is estimated to half of 2016. So do not forget to write it into your diaries and look forward with us to the next great shopping mall full of wonderful shops!


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